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Proper Carpet Care

10 Jun

Whether it’s your home or office, nothing can make a room look more unsightly then a ragged and dirty carpet. A professional cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars, and replacing a carpet can cost thousands. Here are some tips on how to keep your carpet clean and make it last.


Seems simple enough, however many people don’t vacuum properly. If you wait to vacuum until your carpet appears dirty, it’s already too late. The longer a mess stays in carpet, the harder it is to remove. The best way to avoid this is to vacuum regularly. You don’t have to vacuum the entire building everyday, but high traffic areas should get extra attention.

We carry a wide variety of upright, canister, and wet/dry vacuums and vacuum accessories such as vacuum bags and tools.



We mentioned how the longer a mess stays in the carpet, the more it sets in. The best way to combat this is to have some spot remover handy for those unexpected spills. Betty Mills carries trusted spot removing brands such as Resolve, OxiClean, and Franklin.



While vacuuming and spot treatments help extend the life of your carpet, you still need to give it a deep cleaning every once in a while. If you are only doing your home then you can rent one at your local supermarket or hardware store. However if you are going to use one for your business, then purchasing one would be a wise investment. We carry a good variety of carpet extractors for both small and large jobs!