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Buying the right trash can liner

21 May


On the surface, it may seem that buying a liner for your trash receptacle is simple. As long as it is the right size everything is fine, right? Well there is a little more to it than that. In addition to selecting the right size, you also need to factor in what is being thrown away. This is determined by both density, and gauge.

If sharp items are being thrown away, then you will want a low density can liner. Otherwise you can use a high density can liner.

If lighter items are being thrown away, then you want a lower grade gauge. If the liner will be holding heavy items, then you will want a higher grade gauge.

You can use our Trash Liner Guide to help match you your container with the right liner.

In addition, Heritage carries color coded can liners that can help distinguish the contents of the liner. This is great for industries that have bio-hazard waste, such as health care facilities. But it can be used to separate anything, such as recyclable materials, organic waste, soiled laundry, etc.