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Cleaning Your Smokers’ Outpost Cigarette Receptacle

8 Jan

It is estimated that over 634 million cigarettes are smoked in the United States every day. That is a lot of ash and cigarette butts to dispose of. If you toss them in a general waste can, they can begin to smell or worse, cause a fire if not properly put out.

Luckily the folks over at Smokers’ Outpost were one step ahead and came up with their Cigarette Receptacles. They are durable, weather resistant, and have a sleek and modern design. They are oxygen-restricting so there is no need for water or sand to extinguish cigarettes.

Recently, Betty customer Mike H. from Los Angeles asked how to clean his Smoker’s Outpost Receptacle. We reached out to Smokers’ Outpost and their representative Sandi D. was more than happy to oblige.

  • Remove fastening screw to release the top from the base
  • Empty the pail
  • You can clean out the pail and receptacle with warm water and soap. For tougher build up, a household cleaner or degreaser is recommended.
  • Be sure to check for any cigarette butts blocking the smoke stack
  • Replace the pail and refasten the top with the tightening screw

Smokers Outpost Cigarette Recptacle

The frequency of cleaning is recommended for every 3rd or 4th emptying of the pail, and be sure to always check the smokestack during every cleaning.

Thanks to Mike H. for his question and Sandi D. over at Smokers’ Outpost for her quick and helpful response!