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Get Ready For Back To School!

16 Aug


August has arrived, which means school is going to be starting up again! Of course there’s still plenty of summer left, but you don’t want to be caught without the right school supplies and start the year off on a drag. Here at Betty Mills, we carry TONS of things for both teachers & students, from elementary all the way up through college!

  • Calculators: Betty carries a wide variety of calculators, whether you just need a little pocket calculator, or something heavy duty like a graphing or financial calculator. Either way, you’ll be able to crunch numbers with the best of them!
  • Data Storage: In today’s technological age, it is very important to backup all of your important documents, whether it’s school papers, tax papers, bills, or photos. Betty Mills offers several options, from USB flash drives to blank CD’s & DVD’s.
  • Computer Accessories: If you have a top-of-the-line computer, you want to keep it that way! The folks over at Innovera offer lots of great items to keep your computer top notch, including: compatible printer ink, carrying cases for laptops, replacement mice, cleaners, and more!
  • Binders & Folders: Of course not everything is done on computers, you still need a hard copy of your work! We have all sorts of binders, folders and report covers to keep those papers safe and pristine!
  • Other Supplies: No matter how advanced technology gets, you’ll always need paper, pencils, pens, paper clips, staplers, tape, rulers, and protractors. And don’t forget the always-useful Post-It Note!
  • Teaching Supplies: Don’t think we forgot about the teachers out there, we’ve got you covered too! We offer attendance books, dry erase boards, chalk boards, markers, stickers, and planners.
  • Snacks: Lunch is still considered a class right? Well you’ll need to fuel yourself up for all of that learning. Good thing we carry all sorts of snacks and food! And the best part is you can earn Snack Rewards Points with every purchase at Betty Mills. That means you can get all of your school supplies, head over to our Snack Rewards Redemption Center, and get some grub for free!