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Gear up for Summer

18 Jun

The summer months are upon us! That means lots of nice weather, vacations, picnics, and barbeques. So how can Betty Mills help with that? Well we carry thousands of items good for picnics and barbecues, in addition to plenty of snacks!

If you have a big picnic to plan, you’ll need plenty of delicious food. But you’ll also need something to eat all of that delicious food with! That’s where Betty Mills comes in. Thanks to our friends at Dixie, we carry plenty of  disposable dinnerware, cups, and cutlery. In addition we carry plenty of tablecloths, napkins, and as we’ve highlighted before, trash bags to keep your event clean.

Also, if you even need a couple of tables and chairs to seat everyone, Betty has you covered there as well.

So you’ve got all of your equipment and utensils, but what about that food? Good news, Betty Mills carries thousands of snacks for you to try! Not only that, but with our Snack Rewards Program, you can get free snacks just for shopping with us! So grab some dinnerware, tables and chairs, and you can get the food for free!